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You don’t have pretend to be someone else and can instead just be yourself

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After graduating from University, I had the chance to work for CIC IBM, a subsidiary of IBM. Working with great colleagues, my two projects there were SAP implementation projects, and I was working with Material Master and Master Data. I had the chance to learn about tools like SAP Data Services and learned how to use LSMW.

After working there for 2 years and a half, I moved to Japan to teach English at an Elementary and Junior High School in Kumamoto for 2 years. At the end of my 1st year, I started searching for a new job in Tokyo and found out about Ark Consulting through LinkedIn. I successfully passed the interviews and could join the company, but due to corona and other reasons, I waited the year after to join, at the end of 2021. Fast-forward to now, it has already been more than one year working at this company!

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Currently, I am mostly focusing on improving my consulting skills. Working with my colleagues every day, I am amazed by how they can absorb tons of information and summarize everything quickly. Communication is a key skill that a consultant must have and the type of work that I do in Japan is completely different than what I was doing in Canada, which was more the technical side of an SAP implementation. Aside from that, I’m planning to take more certifications related to MM, and I’m still interested to learn more about SAP Success Factors.


I think one of ARK’s strong points is that everyone is a hard worker and reliable. If you ever have a question about something, my colleagues and myself included will always try to help each other. Being able to work in a language other than your mother tongue is something respectable and being able to work as a consultant in a foreign language is proof that they are hard workers.


I think one of the best thing about ARK is how even though it is technically a Japanese company, we don’t adhere to the old working culture that a lot of Japanese companies still have. To my surprise, most of my colleagues were Chinese people, so I think it was easier to connect and fit into the company as we are all foreigners in Japan.


In ARK and because of corona, we have the chance to work from home often depending on the project. Personally, I enjoy working from home but every time I must go to the office, I always have a great time there. The people are nice and funny, we eat lunch together and talk about everything and nothing, we go on trips together. The atmosphere at the office is great and it is always fun to talk with each other. I feel like that I don’t have pretend to be someone else and can instead just be myself.





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